• Title
    Lease of King's Castle by Cork Corporation to Alderman William Ballard.
  • Reference
  • Date
    23 May 1688
  • Scope and Content
    4th year of James 2nd Parties: Mayor Sherriffe and Commnalitie of ye Citty of Corke and William Ballard of the sd. Citty Alderman Property: Castle commonly called ye Kings Castle on ye Easte key of the said citty now in ye tennour and occupation of Morris Gerald. Conditions: To have and to hold the sd. Castle with its appendances and appurtenances for and during the full space time & tearme of Sevene yeares to comence and Begin from ye 25th day of Decemeber last past and from thence forth to be compleated and ended Yealding & paying therefore and thereout yearly and every yeare dureing ye Sd. Tearmes unto ye Chamberlaine or other Publique Receaver of ye Sd. Citty Revenue....for ye use of ye sd. Corporation the yearely Rent of Summe of fforty shillings even & equall portions of 20 shillings at 24 June and 25 December. Signed: William Ballard, Coppinger, William White, Dunne.
  • Extent
    2pp plus envelope
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