• Title
    Letters of Bourgeoisie for Abraham Lauton (Lawton), Bordeaux.
  • Reference
    IE CCCA/SM930
  • Date
    9 Aug 1764
  • Creator
  • Scope and Content
    SM930/1. Parchment deed in the French language. Lettres de Bourgeoisie de Abraham Lauton. For the attention of the Mayor, jurats and governors of Bordeaux, counts, barons, provosts, lords, judges and King's officials of the area. Assured of the good conduct and character of Abraham Lauton, royal courtier residing in the town, he and his heirs are admitted 'to be Bourgeois' with all the attendant rights and privileges, on condition of lawful compliance. Lauton has sworn the required oath before M. Dubouilh jurat commissioner. Signed Chavaille de St-Gery, envoy. Seen and enregistered in the tax office, signed 'Rey'. (1 skin plus envelope) SM930/2. Transcript of 1. in French. (1p) SM930/3. Transcript of 1. in English translation. (1p)
  • Extent
    1 skin plus 2pp transcripts
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