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    Grand Jury Presentments County Cork | Applications & Grants
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  • Date
    1834- 1898 (gaps)
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    Printed Grand Jury Schedules of Presentments for County Cork, Applications and Grants, extant for the years 1834 to 1898. Contains printed lists, by barony, of applications for road contracts, road maintenance, bridge construction, pier maintenance, gaol staff salaries and superannuations, county coroners, and claims from persons for personal or property injury damages. Volumes present the names of the applicants to the jury, a short description of the claim or contract, the decision to approve or disapprove the claim, and the value of the award of the contract or damage. As such, these lists allow for detailed research into the activities of the Grand Juries of County Cork. The lists of works or duties carried out under the Grand Juries sanction widened gradually over the course of the 19th century with early volumes 1834 - c.1850 focusing on road and bridge contruction or maintenance, and lists of contractors for same. Later volumes, post c.1850, expand in content to include information on salaries for staff in the county gaols and bridewells, and later give information on rates collected at barony level on different railway companies. The research value of these records is varied in scope and subject. The majority of the content charting the building of roads, mail roads, piers, bridges, and railways is brief but provides a timetable for researching the building and maintenance of same. Most presentment volumes contain a section 'Sudden Breaches', where sums are presented for emergency repairs to roads and bridges. These may prove useful in research into localised flooding and damages in the county. County Surveyor reports and Correspondence are occasionally reproduced and printed within the Presentment books giving additional information on the progress of construction or state of maintenance of the main transport corridors in the County. Salaried staff in the gaols or on court business are either listed by name or job title. As such, it may be possible to research family history of persons connected with these services in County Cork. The list of contractors would also allow family history research into men involved in the construction industry of roads in Cork. Individual persons are named in the sections concerning the award of sums for damage to property and persons: 'Malicious Injuries'. The majority of such cases concern the deliberate vandalism of houses, live-stock, and farm produce. This information, although brief per entry, gives an insight to the financial value of persons and property across County Cork, making it possible to chart changes to the valuation of the same over the period 1834-1898. Annual (and later 3 yearly) reports from the General Valuation of Ireland provide an additional statistical analysis for the County and Baronies. The 'Malicious Injuries' sections of the presentments could also be used for research into local land use: damages to forestry, crops, and livestock are included. One example refers to 'the wilful and malicious destroying [of] a Stock of Bees at Grangemore, parish of Abbeymahon' [GJ/CO/PR/32 (i), section II, p.291]. The Malicious Injuries cases are frequently annotated by hand with notes, mainly alterations to the value of sums requested and awarded for individual cases. The annotations suggest these particular presentation books belonged to a member of the jury responsible for granting applications of the personal or property injury nature [GJ/CO/PR/39 (i)]. They provide a small insight to the level of detail and scrutiny given to individual presentments. Baronies represented by Grand Juries in the County Cork included:- County Cork at Large, Beer, Bantry, Barretts, Barrymore, E.D.E (East Division East) Carbery, W.D.E. (West Division East) Carbery, E.D.W. (East Division West) Carbery, W.D.W. (West Division West) Carbery, Condons and Clongibbons, Courceys, Duhallow, Fermoy, Ibane and Barryroe, Imokilly, Kerricurrihy, Kinnalea, Kinnalmeaky, Kinnattalloon, Kinsale, East Muskery, West Muskery, Orrery and Kilmore, Bandon, Mallow, and Youghall.
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    44 vols.
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