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    Town Clerks Register of Claims for Property Damaged in Cork City since 11 July 1921.
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  • Date
    11 Jul 1921 - Sept 1923
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    MS. account book of the Town Clerks Office Cork Corporation, recording claims for property in Cork City (Cork County Borough) damaged from the period of the Truce (11 July 1921) until March 1923. Records name of claimant, Address, Description of Property Destroyed or Damaged, Cost Price, Value of Property at time of Destruction or Damage, Value of Salvage, Amount Claimed, How Loss Sustained, Insurances Effected on Foot of same, Result of any applications made under Criminal Injuries Acts, Payments (If any) Received, Details if any Government Department was interested in the Property, Particulars of Claims in Respect of Motor Cars, Remarks. Most of the claims relate to damage to property while Cork was under anti-treaty republican control. The damage recorded in the book is listed as being caused by either irregulars or unknown armed men. Some of the claims relate to the Battle of Cork period 8-10 Aug 1922, as the 'irregulars' left Cork, before the National Army arrived. Such as, Simcox & Sons Ltd., 10 Patrick Street Cork, Groceries and bread supplied to various IRA Barracks, including Cork Military Barracks £102.18.4 (f.1); and such as Cork Gas Consumers Company, 72 South Mall, Cork, 8, 9, 10 August 1922 damage/destruction of various gas meters at various barracks, "Before the irregulars evacuated the different barracks, they set fire to them resulting in a large quantity of gas and supplying materials being destroyed and gas wasted", usual notices served for hearing at Cork Sessions 2nd November 1922...(f.36); and such as O'Leary, Timothy trading as the Munster Tobacco Co., 70 and 71 South Main Street, "On the 5th August 1922 the following were commandeered 50,000 Grafton Cigarettes......a Party of IRA... ordered in the name of the IRA then in possession of Union Quay Barracks to deliver to them 300,000 cigarettes..." (f.67) ; and such as Albert Arbuthnot, 1 Mountview St. Luke's, Pattern Maker, Ford 5 seater motor car, '...I was held up by four armed men on Boreenamana car was never returned to me...' Lloyds have agreed to pay him£150; car identification No. PI 1360...' (f.109); and such as Electric Tramway Co. Ltd.. Albert Road, Cork, sum of money amounting to £255:10:7, "On the night of....15th October 1922 armed men forcibly entered the claimant's Traffic Office... Not Insured..."(f.138); and such as, Edward Love, 9 Morrisons Island, glass of windows of his house, 10 August 1922 concussion from explosion at Parnell Bridge, listed for hearing on 25 September 1923 (f.183).
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    186ff plus index.
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