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    St. Finbarr's Hospital (South Cork County Home and Hospital)
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    (1923) 1924-1963 (1984)
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    Archive of the South Cork County Home and Hospital later known as St Finbarr's Hospital, previously Cork Union Workhouse/Cork District Hospital. Records of Managerial Correspondence and Orders: Matron's Correspondence 1939 – 1953, Copy Managers Orders, South Cork Public Assistance and Hospitals 1944- 1945. Records principally relating to Patients/Inmates particularly Admission & Discharge: Cork County Hospital Daily Admission and Discharge Books 1923 – 1946, Cork County Home and Hospital Combined Indoor Register and Statistical Record, 1924 – 1960, County Schools Medical Services Register and Account Book, 1931 – 1953, Other Patient Registers/Indexes to Paying Patient Registers, 1969 – 1982, St. Finbarr’s 'Hospital Roll and Dietary List' (Ward Patient Record), 1962-1963 Records specifically relating to Hospital/Medical/Nursing activities: Medical Weekly Return Books, 1929 – 1948, Sick Diet Books, 1951 – 1963, Record of Operations, St. Brigid's theatre, 1959-1965, Special Diet and Stimulant Books, 1937-1957, Ambulance Log Books, 1924 – 1945, Medical Doctors Admission and Discharge Books, 1925 – 1945, Nurses Report Book, Matrons Journal 1927 – 1947, Record of Telephone Calls and Telegrams, 1954 – 1955, Monthly return of infectious diseases, 1920-1931. Records of Births, Deaths: Record of Births Memorandum Book, 1924 – 1933, Record of Deaths, 1931 - 1940, 1974-1976, 1978 – 1984; Registration of Deaths Memorandum Book, 1930 - 1931 Financial Records: Paying Patients Maintenance Account Books 1927 – 1949, Personal Ledgers- Contractors Accounts 1924 – 1964, Personal Ledgers - Suppliers Ledger 1930 – 1967, Day Books 1926-1945, Matrons Patient Maintenance Cash Receipt Books 1934 – 1937, Supplier Invoice Payment Day Book 1972-1975, Petty Cash Book 1929 – 1949, Receipts- Repayment of Assistance Account, 1955, Petty Cash Receipts 1941-1958 Records relating to General Administration and Staff: Store/Inventory Books 1927 – 1966, Provisions Books 1923 – 1962, Bread and Milk Books 1935 – 1946, Electricity and Gas Meter Log Book 1965-1968, Diet Class and Rations Books 1927 - 1961 including patient and officers and staff rations; Tobacco Book 1924 – 1934, Old Age Pension Maintenance Account Books, 1933 – 1953, Porters Admission and Discharge Books 1927 – 1955, Chaplains Report Books 1933 – 1941, Time and Wages Books 1938 – 1956, Salaries and Wages Books 1935 – 1958, Farm Account Books 1936 – 1958. The archive documents the operation and administration of a major health and public assistance institution principally responsible for the care of patients of limited means, and paying patients, in the county hospital wards, and also the care of the aged, infirm, and others, within the county home. While administrative and financial records predominate, the archive does extensively document patient admission and discharge, and aspects of the operation and development of the institution from 1924, following the reform of the poor law system by the Irish Free State, such as wider availability of services, efforts to better care for patients, for instance through better diets, and better medical care. This advance is particularly visible from the 1940s and 1950s onwards. The home and hospital would have employed large numbers of people at various grades and quite a few records of time and attendance, rations, and wages and salaries survive, which are of use to those pursuing their family history. The hospital was also a significant economic unit in its own right, requiring large amounts of provisions, hardware and services, that were obtained from a range of local and national contractors and suppliers that may feature in the administrative and financial records. The archive, though extensive, contains gaps particularly in relation to patient/inmate records, unmarried mothers, care of children, correspondence, death records, and records in relation to the nursing sisters who operated the hospital. Where certain types of records do survive the information within may be minimal. All of the surviving records are in bound volume format, there are no files. Researchers will note that there are significant overlaps of information between certain series, such as information relating to patients/inmates, which may also be found in records relating to administration, hospital/medical/nursing, and financial records. Examples are the Porters Admission and Discharge Books (FN), Daily Admission and Discharge Books (GA) and the Medical (Doctors) Admission and Discharge Books (HI), and the Paying Patients Maintenance Account Books (CA) and Sick Diet Books (HC), all of which contain information on patients. There are limited numbers of records in the present archive dating from after 1960, the year of the establishment of the Cork Health Authority. Researchers will also note that the present archive must be used in conjunction with the minute books and other records of the South Cork Board of Health and Public Assistance (from 1942, the Board of Public Assistance for the South Cork Public Assistance District through the County Council), which was the governing body of the County Home and Hospital and other health institutions and of all public health services and public assistance services generally in the South Cork public assistance area.
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